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Uxbridge is a quaint township in the Durham Region area, settled by Quakers in the early 1800s. By the early 1820s houses and community gathering halls were built, some of which still stand today, like the Uxbridge Friends Meeting House. As the area grew with changing times, Uxbridge was officially declared a town in 1885, and merged to form Uxbridge township in the new Region of Durham in 1973. Uxbridge real estate, like the township itself, is the perfect mix of heritage and modern, with a welcoming property for everyone.
While Uxbridge may hold on to the small town nature that the township began with, there is no shortage of events, activities and shopping options to keep you busy. With large retailers like Walmart, Zehr’s and The Source, mixed with an eclectic mix of small and locally owned businesses in the downtown core, you’ll be able to shop for a broad range of locally-made items.

Styles of Houses for Sale in Uxbridge, Ontario
No matter the style of property you’re looking for, Uxbridge homes for sale will have a property for you. From century homes dating back to the late 1800s that are rich with history, charm and character, or modern developments with sleek designs and open layouts. Detached properties are typical for the area, but with recent development and growth the Uxbridge real estate market has begun to see townhomes and condo units appear. Many homes for sale in Uxbridge offer fantastic property, be it downtown century homes with spacious backyards or large homes on the outskirts of the city on large lots.
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